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World War II Projects

The 505th Parachute Infantry of the 82nd Airborne: The Soldiers that Helped Turn the Tide of the Allied Offensive by Katelyn Scesney (2022)

Building Across the Rhine: The Importance of Combat Engineering Battalions to the Allied Success in Western Europe by Aiden Ponder (2022)

Patriotism and Patriarchy: Women at Oak Ridge and Their Daily Struggles by Sequoia Conkling (2022)

Radio on My Mind: The Influence of Radio in the Second World War by Samantha Konsavage (2022)

When Baseball was Drafted: How America Mobilized its National Pastime during World War II by Drake Nettle (2022)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Role of Photography in Controlling the War Image during and after WWII by Jonathon Sharp (2022)

“This is No Drill!”: How US Servicemen at Pearl Harbor stood up in the face of a surprise attack and fought back against an enemy onslaught by David Wheeler

World War 2, A Great War? Misconceptions of the Second World War by Connor Hughes (2023)

Football on the Warfront: General Robert Neyland and his Impact on War Through Leadership and Logistical Prowess by James Burns (2023)

Love, Walter: The Individual Experience of the American Soldier as Seen through the Letters They Write Home by Sarah Steakley (2023)

Memory as a Living Organism: The Story of Philip Oliver and the Memorialization of World War II by Emmeline Parham (2023)

A Soldier’s Solace: Music as a Coping Mechanism during World War II by Molly Dorris (2023)

Ammunition Logistics of the Invasion of Normandy: Through the Eyes of Edwin Jones Best by Matthew Staggs (2023)

1st Lieutenant Frank Kersnowski by Morgan Turner (2023)

Censorship in World War II: Censorship as a Weapon to Promote Democracy by Cecelia Hutton (2023)

Hauntings from the Past: Analyzing World War II American Memory by Madison Lockwood (2023)

Wars on Race: Black World War II Veterans and Civil Rights: Washington “Like Moses” Davis and the Story of Knoxville’s Civil Rights Movement by Tristan Brown (2023)

Appalachian Women, WWII, and Changes in Mountain Medicine: How Women and World War II Helped Expand and Develop the Frontier Nursing Service by Gracie Amburn (2023)

Take to the Skies! Technological Innovation and United States Air Power in the Twentieth Century by Anthony Porazzi (2023)

Frances Lovelace Chased the American Dream: World War II and Opportunities for Women in the United States by Molly Dorris (2023)

A Commitment to Compassion: How the U.S. Military Medical Department Came to Be the Embodiment of Modern Battlefield Medicine by Edward H. Conway