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World War II Projects

The 505th Parachute Infantry of the 82nd Airborne: The Soldiers that Helped Turn the Tide of the Allied Offensive by Katelyn Scesney (2022)

Building Across the Rhine: The Importance of Combat Engineering Battalions to the Allied Success in Western Europe by Aiden Ponder (2022)

The Story of World War II and Football: The Unique, Beneficial Relationship between American Fottball and the Second World War by John Boshers (2022)

Patriotism and Patriarchy: Women at Oak Ridge and Their Daily Struggles by Sequoia Conkling (2022)

Radio on My Mind: The Influence of Radio in the Second World War by Samantha Konsavage (2022)

When Baseball was Drafted: How America Mobilized its National Pastime during World War II by Drake Nettle (2022)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Role of Photography in Controlling the War Image during and after WWII by Jonathon Sharp (2022)

“This is No Drill!”: How US Servicemen at Pearl Harbor stood up in the face of a surprise attack and fought back against an enemy onslaught by David Wheeler