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Cold War Records

Rosemary Mariner          Navy     First Woman Attack Jet Pilot         Documents    Project 

The first woman attack jet pilot in the US Navy. She was born in Harlington, Texas, but worked for the University of Tennessee-Knoxville as a military historian and staff member of the Center for the Study of War and Society (now the Center for the Study of Tennesseans and War) after she retired 1997.  Captain Mariner served in many stations, including on the USS Lexington, and flew jets including the A-4 Skyhawk. She was a major advocate of women in the military, becoming a major voice in legislative change and in supporting women in aviation groups.

Ronald Norris Tate          Army/Civilian Contractor        Documents     Project

Army veteran and civilian contractor for US military from Memphis, TN. He served in Korea during the Vietnam war in an administrative position in the rank of Sergeant First Class. After serving in Korea for two years, SFC Tate assisted the reopening of Camp Stewart in Georgia for six years. He went on to work for USAREUR (US Army Europe) as a civilian HR specialist until retirement in 2016. In Europe, Tate helped create and implement the VIPER System (Virtual Personnel Readiness System).