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New WWII Donation for the Center

George Zepp and Chris Magra behind one of the boxes of WWII materials. This photograph was taken on 2/15/23 by Jonathon Sharp, a former intern at the Center and a UTK history major.

The Center received a generous donation this week from George Zepp and the Keen Family.  They provided us with three boxes full of World War II materials owned by William George Keen, an Army Air Force lieutenant.  Donations such this have enabled Center researchers to piece together the stories of people from Tennessee who have been involved in military conflicts.  We are very grateful to everyone who has donated to the Center over the years.
William George Keen’s WWII dog tag

The Keen Collection includes a wide range of WWII materials.  There are aerial photographs of Hitler’s house.  There are political and military maps.  We have his service record and his pocket Bible.  There are records from his life before the war when he played football for the University of Chattanooga.  And there are materials from after the war when he served as a U.S. diplomat to different parts of the world.  The archivists at the UTK Special Collections will help us preserve these materials for future researchers.  And the Center staff will work to digitize these materials.  Be on the lookout for future histories that involve William George Keen!

William George Keen (left) and a buddy in Germany after WWII